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Why Should You Have An Artificial Waterfall In Your Home/Work Environment?

Waterfalls suggest tranquillity, fascination, and grandeur, but most importantly – nature. A waterfall is so natural a landform that that idea of it existing outside of a natural ecosystem – forest, river, and oceans, is unthinkable. But what if you could have a similar waterfall in your very own backyard? Or maybe even in your new office space?

A well-placed artificial waterfall will bring in guests and customers, all enchanted by its allure. They can be in green areas such as backyards, private gardens, front yards, and indoor spaces, as well as workplaces.

Ideas for waterfalls

Pond waterfall

One of the easiest and most common backyard waterfall constructions. This waterfall makes great use of any space and is bound to be the focal point of your backyard. It can be set up in a corner, with an artificial pond for the waterfall to spill into, and an arrangement of rocks for the water to cascade down. The waterfall can also be added to a fish pond, which will further add to that little ecosystem. This can also be a great way to bring in more biodiversity to your backyard.

Swimming pool waterfall

If you already have a swimming pool in your backyard, you can elevate it by adding a waterfall. The artificial waterfall can be added on to the footsteps of your swimming pool, or you can create a waterfall on the wall running alongside the pool. Adding other features such as inlaid LED lighting, and a deck near the waterfall can give your backyard a spa or retreat-like look.

Smaller ground-level waterfall

For a more conservatively sized pond, you can create a ground-level waterfall with an assortment of natural rocks, and shrubbery. This low height waterfall will mean less violent water splashes and more water saving. It will also provide a calming visual and auditory effect to your backyard. This water feature can be made elegant by adding a garden and a variety of plants.

Benefits of a waterfall

Calming auditory effect

Buddhist monks are known to have water features, preferably running water, in their vicinity when meditating. The sound of flowing water has a therapeutic effect on the overall sense of well-being. It’s known to have psychological benefits such as stress reduction and increased mental clarity. This can also be a great way to break up the monotony of an office place, as running water produces a white noise, which can cover the otherwise disruptive sounds of a workplace.

Aesthetic Appeal

An outdoor garden area can easily be made to include a waterfall and a pond, significantly increasing its visual appeal. Especially when placed at the front of a property, a well-designed and properly maintained waterfall is sure to impress and attract customers, and guests. You can also experiment with a variety of lighting and colour displays, and even use certain combinations on special occasions. The waterfall can also be a great marketing tool if personalized to include a company logo, which is sure to attract more customers due to its aesthetic appeal.

Increased curb appeal

For homeowners, it’s important to take note of the fiscal effects of adding a water feature. Such an investment increases your property value, making it stand out from the rest. Waterfront properties are prized commodities and incorporating a water feature like an artificial waterfall isn’t that pocket heavy. So, you can enjoy the waterfall in your backyard, knowing it will work out well for you in the future.

An environmental asset

If you have a waterfall that spills into a pond, you can incorporate your space to welcome more biodiversity. Instead of a regular pond, you can consider a fish pond. Your pond is likely to be an important ecosystem, with dragonflies, birds, and frogs coming in now and then. The waterfall will also provide the soil moisture to retain, which will help your garden during the hot summer days. You can also add water plants, and grow more native plants nearby, to keep your backyard landscape flourishing. 

Opportunity for quality time

The area near a waterfall can also act as a gathering spot, where people can unwind and relax. Including a seating arrangement nearby will also help. This can be a patio, or a deck, where the family can have meals at times. With the beautiful waterfall and garden as a view, this will serve as an outdoor living space. In the workplace, this can be an area where employees retreat to and loosen up. After all, a waterfall is something that employees and visitors will appreciate and enjoy.

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