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Having an indoor or outdoor fountain at your place is an excellent way of adding peace, tranquillity, and serenity to your space. What could be more soothing and relaxing than just to see the beautiful fountain, hear the flowing and running water sound? Can you think of something more amazing than this? At Green Evolutions Private Limited, we have been providing just about any fountains accessories that needs your water feature. It includes fountain covers, fountain lights, fountain pumps, fountain cleaners, fountain remote control, spray rings, kits, fountain LED lights, nozzles, level sensors, bottom water intake ports, articulated joints, support legs, adjustable overflows, etc. The accessories are there to increase the entertainment and amazement of people using indoor or outdoor water features at their place. These fountain accessories have specially designed to make the process of installing, adjusting, and even maintaining a water feature fountain simpler and convenient. The full catalog of accessories is available that will assist you in installation and finalizing the design of your water feature. A few of them could be as follows.

1. Underwater junction boxes – Due to them, the electrical installation of any water fountain or feature is possible. Each one of them is made using the top and superior quality material and provides full protection for the consistent immersion in water. It covers wall penetration, transparent acrylic covers, etc.

2. Hydraulic accessories – These accessories are linked with the water and used for stabilizing the flow of the jet for attaining the right inclination in the articulated joints in the water features, prevention of water from overflowing, emptying water from the bottom water intakes, supporting manifolds and pipe stocks, etc.

3. Electrical Accessories – These fountain accessories have needed for different reasons. It is for lowering the height of the jets, automatically controlling the minimum and maximum water levels, shutting off the water feature in case the wind speed is too high, managing LED lighting effects, multiple lights, and water impact in the fountains.

4. Water Pumps – It is the heart of any fountain. It is available in high-quality material and is the representation of both technology and innovation.

Fountain Nozzles and Lights:

When you decide to put a water feature in your indoor or outdoor space, it is essential to put high care in selecting the right fountain nozzles and underwater lights. The nozzles give the fountain jet the selective shape. The nozzles are available in different shapes and sizes and usually made up using stainless steel or brass material. Customization is always possible to do in them. The nozzles are either water level independent, water level dependent, or spray rings. The fountain lights are also available in different specifications and power consumption capacity. Different kinds of nozzles are available like foamy cascade nozzles, bubbler nozzles, cascade nozzles, crown jet nozzles, foam nozzles, funnel cascade nozzles, jet cluster nozzles, clear stream jets, etc. The lights come in LED and many other fancy forms.

Fountain Accessories

Fountain Nozzles & Lights

Feel free to explore the choices in fountain accessories, nozzles, and lights at Green Evolutions end, and discuss the customization. We look forward to hearing from you.

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