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What To Ask Your Swimming Pool Builders Before Locking In A Deal?

Swimming Pool Builders
A pool is an investment and a luxury to enjoy. And the construction process of the pool should not be a matter of stress and regret. Therefore, you should choose the right swimming pool builders for your home. Here’s a list of what to be on the lookout for before finalising your swimming pool builders.
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A pool is an investment and a luxury to enjoy. And the construction process of the pool should not be a matter of stress and regret. Therefore, you should choose the right swimming pool builders for your home. Here’s a list of what to be on the lookout for before finalising your swimming pool builders.

Experience and credibility

A high number of contractors fail within the first three years of business. So, you need to find people who’ve had the right experience. Generally, the more experience a builder has had, the better their customer service is likely to be.

A reputable company will also have the right license, registrations and will be appropriately insured. They should also have more than one way of contacting them and should preferably have a website and a physical business address.

Past customers and reviews

The best scenario is if the swimming pool builders are word-of-mouth recommendations from someone you know, as these people are likely, to be honest about their recommendation. But if not, then there are other ways of getting to know the reputation of the pool builders. 

Google reviews are a great way of getting to know both positive and negative reviews. Customers are prone to leave negative reviews if they’ve felt ignored by the company after the initial construction process. Similarly, they’re also likely to leave a positive review if they’ve been satisfied with the company’s after-sales service. It’s also advised to check if the company has responded reasonably to the negative reviews as this is a good indication of their customer service.

You can even request the swimming pool builders to provide customer references that you can reach out to. Be sure to ask these past customers about the following:

  • Their experience with the company
  • The pool options and accessories they opted for
  • The things they would do differently
  • Whether the builder was able to handle unforeseen problems and challenges?
  • If they are likely to use the pool builder again?

Pricing and quotes

It’s advisable that you do some research to get an idea of the costs of this project, and that you get quotes from a variety of companies. The most obvious factor when considering any builder is the pricing, and how it compares with the rest of the companies out there. Focus on getting the best value for money. This isn’t necessarily about getting the cheapest price, but about also considering the services offered and the standard of work.

Avoid going into an agreement if the quote is subject to change, it’s likely that you’ll be charged a higher fee later. You need to make sure that all the work has been considered in the detailed quote and written contract. No extra costs should be added on after the initial quote. The swimming pool builders should also perform a site inspection before giving you the quote, as the land will be an integral part of the construction process.


It’s also a good idea to ask your swimming pool builders if they are using subcontractors or offering complete service. If the builders are planning on using subcontractors, you should ask how long they’ve been working with them and do some research into the subcontractor’s background. It’s better if the builders have been working with the subcontractors regularly.

Proposed timeline

Before finalising anything, you should have an estimated completion date. This doesn’t have to be written down to the exact hour, but the builder must provide you with a general idea of the construction timeline. Any quality pool builder will have experience in dealing with proposed timelines and unpredictable weather, so you shouldn’t have to worry about those things. The swimming pool builders must establish great communication with you, and you should be fully informed at all stages of the project.

Pool design, location, and custom ability

A reliable pool builder will advise you on the best location and design for your pool, keeping in mind your site, local council laws and your needs. They should also consider sun and wind exposure, kids, yard coverage and aesthetics. Also, consider your current home design and architecture as the pool should be integrated into your current home style. If you’re looking into installing a specific kind of pool, then it might be worth finding out if the builder specialises in those kinds of pools.

The builder will be presenting a plan to you before anything begins and the plan should include location, dimensions, construction changes, drainage, fencing, deck, patio, and any other important applicable elements of your pool project.

Also, feel free to discuss any pool customisation ideas with your builder, such as lighting packages, unique designs, added safety measures. Your builder should be confident in bringing your ideas to life or clearing up any misconceptions you have regarding those.

Maintenance and after-sales services

You’re going to invest time and money into the pool, and your builder should respect this. If you go through all this trouble only to have the builder completely ignore you after the construction, then that’s not ideal. The google reviews should be an indication of whether the company is of any help after the initial construction process. It’s also important that you’re upfront about this and you should ask your builder about their after-sales services.

Another thing to consider is pool maintenance and if you’re looking into automated maintenance options then your builder is the person to ask about these. They should also advise you on the best maintenance habits and ways to increase your pool longevity.


It’s better to be safe than sorry, and thus you must be finicky about your pool warranty. Ask the builder about these things:

  • Specifically, what does the warranty cover?
  • The duration
  • Process for making a warranty claim
  • What happens in case of repairs being needed?
  • Who covers these costs?

These answers should be specific and clear. You shouldn’t feel lost or out of options in case, things go wrong in the future. It’s also advisable to check what warranties the other companies are providing and compare your options.

At the end of the day, you must remember that a pool is an expensive investment and if you are spending the money, then you deserve the best services. Any credible pool builders will be more than comfortable answering questions about any of these things and any hindrance to doing so is a sign that you need to start looking elsewhere.

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