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The top Wall Water Fountain options for a high-end appeal and comfortable environment

The wall water fountain is an ideal choice for placing it at your home or business. There are many reasons behind opting for wall water fountain. A custom variant can be placed anywhere across the room, along with the walls rendering total relaxation with the cascading water sound and high-end look. These water walls are generous in giving a laid-back sense of feeling, popular to lend in positivity around. And when that feeling of peace and relaxation sinks in, things move more productively at both personal and professional front. The wall water fountains come in different shapes and sizes. Irrespective of which space you are thinking of placing the unit, it is essential to make sure that it is made of the highest quality material and complements the overall décor. The different variants that you can think of selecting are as below:

  1. Floor Water Fountain – It is a large-sized wall fountain and reflects luxury. The fountain is perfect to set up in the waiting rooms, lobbies, office fronts and so. It lends an instant aesthetic appeal that most of the official workplaces would love to opt to.
  2. Wall Water Fountain – It allows for maximum possible personalization. Comes in several frames and surfaces, you can choose the right design that will fit your décor style in the perfect sense. The fountain features a top edge and a base housing the glass or stone as per the choice, assuring to render the best overall appearance for your home or office. The natural, earthy stone looks excellent in wall fountains. Each stone comes with different variations.
  3. Rear Mounted Floor Water Fountain – This magnificent unit stretches from the floor and even touch the high-end ceilings easily. The fountain is mounted over the rear, and the stability of it gives you an utter sense of peace and relaxation.
  4. Three-panel wall water fountain – It is another eye-catching and alluring piece of art that are easily catching the attention of anyone entering the building or premise. The unit fills an entire wall, and the custom variant can become the center of attention. It comes in different surface designs and trim finishes.
  5. Falling wall water fountain – These are excellent choices for those with limited space and looking for a comfortable fit and aesthetic appeal. Sleek and tall, it features maximum personalization. The surface material and trim can vary in them, fitting in the best way in your space while keeping the water flowing all the time.
  6. Wall-mounted water fountain – This unit can fit in any space or size comfortably. It can render the uttermost relaxation and comfortability in any room and can become the focal point too. It comes with a recirculating electric water pump that makes sure the water flowing is there in a calmly and soothing fashion.
  7. Center-mounted Floor Water Fountain – These units are simple and elegant, perfect for lending an air of luxury and pleasure. They are not very large and are about the width of an armchair. So, even if you do not have a considerable space, it is possible to feature one of these available in different frame styles and textures.
  8. Clear glass floor fountain – This indoor water wall fountain is perfect for those having ample floor space. It lends a bold appeal and aesthetics that is unmatchable. The relaxing and captivating display, along with the calming sound of water, lends a soothing and enriching experience.

Want to know how to clean your wall water fountains?

These are beautiful additions to any design, and the steady flow of water creates a stylish and unique setting altogether. They even help in humidifying your home or office and removing dust and debris from the air. Every few months, preferably twice in a year, it is a must to do the regular cleaning of your fountain. Cleaning and maintaining the wall fountain is not a difficult task, and following the few steps will help in doing it correctly.

  1. Drain – First, it is a must to turn off your water fountain and drain all the water out. It is a simple task. The simplest way is to use a vacuum to drain it completely. Use the hose of the vacuum to clean and take away the water as much as possible, and then the cleaning process will start.
  2. The Pump – The next step in the cleaning is the fountain pump. If the pump is not properly cleaned, it can lead to different problems. To name a few, it can be a white scale, and algae build-up, clogging, etc. Make sure to disassemble the pump aptly and use the fresh running water and a pad or a brush to revive the condition of it.
  3. The Tubing – The next step will be cleaning the tubing in your water fountain. It is the piece that connects to the pump and takes the water up to the fountain. If you do not clean it up regularly, here also build-up or clogging can happen. Remove the tubing, rinse it using the brush if it is required.
  4. Wiping the surface – The final step will be wiping the base and face of your fountain in the right way. Wall fountains have made up using different materials, and each one of these can easily be wiped off using a wet cloth. The glasses can be cleaned using window cleaners if required.

Now, your wall water fountain is in perfect condition, as new as it can be. Doing this at least twice in a year will keep your beautiful piece strong, robust, and exquisite for years.

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