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Know Our Indoor and Outdoor Water Features

In today’s modern and self-conscious times, people are paying more attention and focus on decorating their homes, offices, and any other space they own. They are moving towards using more of water bodies and green houses, landscaping solutions to achieve their purpose. Considering the ever-rising needs and demands for both indoor and outdoor water features, Green Evolutions Private Limited has come up with a wide range of options. The variety will indeed make it difficult for you to choose the right product for your space. Do you think what people like about different water features available? It could be either appeal, or positivity, or the beauty that they render. Many prefer to place them considering Vaastu point of view. The different water features that can be used at indoor and outdoor area are as follows.

Glass Falls – Perfect decorative water fountains, the transparent glass gives an ideal wavy impact that attracts the attention of everyone in one go. The premier selection of glass falls is available at our end, and each one of them has made up with the superior and excellent quality components and materials procured from well-known importers from all across the world. Feel free to select from the wall-mounted designs to floor standing choices and customize as per the requirement.

 String Roof Fountains – Also famous as water curtains, string roof fountains are majorly used in indoor spaces. No matter what is the background surface of the area is, be it any portrait, or mosaic based tiles, or a rough rock, the flowing water silently stream through a thread. The multi-colour lighting makes them look magnificent and indescribable in words. It is also known to be providing peace and calmness, wherever placed. Feel free to explore the options and discuss them without hesitation.

 Programmable Water Curtains – We have been offering plenty of choices in programmable water curtains, and they have designed with using pre-defined programmed software and assemblies. These are highly in demand at different promotional and launch events, marriage events, shopping malls, hotels, resorts, spas, and even residential societies. They can create different impacts in varied shapes, like semi-cycle, heart-shaped roundness, triangle, water curtain shape, polygon, etc. Explore the choices available in them, and in case of any customization, feel free to consult.

 Bell Fountains – The bell water fountains add the serene, calming, and soothing sounds of the bells to any office or home. The swirling and beautiful motion of the bells makes the fountain utterly tranquil and allows others to feel at ease and harmony. The fountains have elegant designs, sturdy and robust construction, excellent quality and finish, and longer life span. Discover the options available in them and make the best buy for your space.

 Wave Fountains – These fountains are beautiful large-sized water features perfect for bigger outdoor area gardens, spaces, parks, lawns, etc. Different sizes are available in them, and customization is possible. The flowing water sound and appeal in the form of waves make them high in demand all around and lets everyone feel at peace. Do go through the choices available in them and do consult to get the best possible buy for your area.

 Wall Fountains – These fountains can be put anywhere, be it your home or office. People feel incredibly pleasing and welcoming after seeing them. A broad range of both indoor and outdoor wall fountains are available, and selecting the perfect design for your space has never been simpler. An ideal way to revive and brighten up your area, the design of them could customize in a single, double, or triple panel. Explore the options in them and take the call accordingly.

 Water Cascades – The cascade fountains operate with the help of a pump and a hidden pull chain that controls the flowing water and its operation without needing to touch the cord. It comes with an LED lighting feature as well and is available in different sizes and specifications. The cascades features are available in various forms, including copper, stainless steel, copper vein, blackened copper, etc. Explore the options available in them here and beautify and enliven your place.

 Geyser Jet Fountains – This fountain belongs to the injector-type nozzle family and is a perfect blend of air and water together. Made up entirely in general of stainless steel, it has an impeccable flow surface and a great life span. These jet fountains are water level dependent and are ideal for placing in medium to large scale commercial spaces. They have excellent wind resistance, and visibility and many options are available in them. So, go through each one of them and make the best purchase.

 Musical Fountains – Technology has transformed the way musical fountains function, and how light and sound in them have put in control. These fountains are high in demand in the country and are known for their exemplary designs and dimensional accuracy. They appeal to everyone’s eyes and are a real treat to watch. Do look at the options available in musical fountains at our side, and choose the right one for your space.

 Natural Stone Waterfall – These beautiful decorative waterfalls have a continual process system of flowing water. Perfect in design and appearance, they simply render a fantastic outlook to any zone in which they have put. The waterfall comes in different patterns, shapes, and sizes. Feel free to look at the different varieties and choices to buy in them and get the one as per the preference and requirement.

 FRP Water Features – These stunning water fountains are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are known for their durability, long lastingness, and even come with LED lighting effects for better impact. Be it a home or an office or a hotel or any other commercial complex, and this fountain come with lights, water pumps, and UL electric cord. Do go through sizes, designs, and patterns available in them and go for the best one.

 Floor Model in FRP – Want to check out different options in floor models that you can use for FRP water fountain? Made up using excellent grade material and components, they are in huge demand and well known for their rugged construction, low maintenance, and outstanding performance. So, look at the choices in them and choose the one that best suits your interests and preference.

 Indoor Table Top Fountains – Explore the best appearance and high-quality indoor table top fountains choices at our end and get the one you like at unbeatable prices. Each piece is made up of using the top quality material and is procured from the famous importers all around. These fountains are known to be beautifying and enlivening the indoor area to the core.

Do you have any query or concern? Feel free to contact Green Evolutions Private Limited support and assistance anytime, and we are always at your service.

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