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The Top Gardening Trends Of 2023 

gardening trends
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Experimental gardening has become the middle of the road theme for most people since the year 2023 has introduced so many trends. People are experimenting to find the perfect garden theme. Here at Green Evolutions we are almost done with our research and curated this amazing list of landscape themes to make your decision more calculated. No matter which design you choose, we bet every amazing design underneath will look better. 

We are presenting the top gardening trends of 2023 for you :


People are so focused to show what new imported plant they’ve got, what new grass is greener and healthier and gives their garden floor a cushiony feel. This new gardening trend will make you come out of the so-called perfect garden. Wrap yourself around the serenity of authenticity with immersive gardens. These gardens focus on the including the wildlife while also emphasizing the naturally imperfect look. Neutral colors remain the focus of this landscape trend. Raw textures give an amped up look to the imperfect landscape. More and more use of locally grown plants, trimmed beautifully, to make the garden look as manicured as possible.

Low carbon

Recently people have been trying to do so much to reduce the carbon footprint. Landscaping dawns an a la mode when it comes following this trend. Growing local was an important part of the earlier discussed trend but the trend did not pin point toward growing organic. This trend however, focuses on strictly growing organically grown veggies and fruits. The low carbon trend aimed at reducing footprint is more about replacing the chemical laden pesticides with natural organic manure. The local love in this theme is not limited to the produce. This trend demands for even the sourcing material to be local. 

The metal love

All hail the king pergola. The return of pergola and patio structures to somehow link the garden with the indoors is what this trend is all about. Incorporating metal and other not so commonly found materials, is the prime focus of this trend. Metal is being added to everything whether shade structures, water features and most importantly the planters. This differentiates your garden from the rest. 

The Drought Tolerant Frenzy

Climate change is inevitable and landscape owners who are really don’t-stay-at-home-but-still-love-landscaping, are embracing this trend now more than ever. Arid states such as Rajasthan can bring this trend to the forefront for those who want plantation but not the cost of the holy potable water. Wrapping your home around plants that can endure the heat and still look fresh as a daisy is a great option.The beauty of drought tolerant plants is that you can literally forget to water them for weeks and they still say erect, smiling at you without holding zero grudge but plenty of water inside their stems. Minimal care with minimal irrigation is the prime focus of the landscaping trend.

Ever since the concrete jungles started flourishing, wildlife and their natural habitats took a backseat. Grazing is an important part of sheep and other domestic animals for which the grassland now is diminishing. This gardening trend pushes you closer to the wildlife, making them feel welcome and you feel that your part in preserving nature has been somewhat achieved. as you start to spend more time with the garden investing in details that attract wildlife, you’ll see more butterflies and birds coming to your garden. You can say this trend is going to make nature and your Gram feed super happy.

Tale of the Turf

Grass turf is the perfect example of how something that gets trampled under your feet makes for the central feature of the garden. One must toil under the scorchiest sun and driest summer in order to protect your pillowy grass. There are so many people who have no time to maintain that kinds grass. Artificial turf saves your day with its easy to maintain characteristic. These kinds of tufts are popular among commercial property managers. They are cost effective and you won’t have to install a sprinkler in your garden to make sure you’re feeding your beloved grass everyday.

Water water everywhere!

We know landscaping is all about adding life onto a sun dry cracked piece of land. Introduction of a water feature however makes your landscape breathe life. The return from a long day at work and a little dip in a natural pond tucked in your garden can take all the stress away. Adding a water feature will make your garden look more manicured and a hotpot for birds and butterflies. With so many amazing landscape designs we can bet you’ll find something that fits the theme of your garden perfectly.

The bottle cutting 

Haven’t we all seen the popular planters made out of used plastic bottles? We bet all of us have. Everything from repurposed bricks, reclaimed woods and recycled material are the prime focus of this theme. Unused or may be over used household materials such as plastic bottles can be used to add the minimalist beauty to your garden. 

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