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Everything You Need To Know About Pool Liners

Apart from every protective aspect, a pool liner also adds beauty to your swimming pool. Here is what you need to know before investing in a pool line.

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Swimming Pool Liners

While it is a no brainer that the fundamental purpose of a pool liner is to prevent leakage and save it from physical damage. Apart from every protective aspect, a pool liner also adds beauty to your swimming pool. 

Here is what you need to know before investing in a pool liner:


The first step toward having a great swimming pool is to know what kind of pool color you want. Liners play a significant role in determining the ultimate shades of your pool. For a beachy look, you’ll need more dark blue colored liners. 

Anything in the vicinity of the pool that casts a shadow will have to be considered as well. Sunny days will make your pool look more bright, and cloudy days will make it look darker. This means the weather, too, is a factor one should think about before investing in a pool liner. 

Now you might be tempted to buy a darker liner but hear us out, deep colored liners are prone to more UV damage as compared to those that bear a lighter tone.

When it comes to the color of liners, not many of us have a very wide choice: light blue, aqua blue, deep blue, and vivid blue. Each one of them will have a different pattern formation. 


Here’s the good news, whichever of the four main colors you decide to choose for your liner, you’ll still have plenty of patterns and tile options available for you. There are endless patterns that come in a variety of kinds, like natural stones, tiles, marble, etc. It doesn’t matter which pattern you are considering. A liner will always go with that. 

The liner will cover the following:

It is no brainer that the pool will be covered because nobody’s gonna swim in a muddy mix of water. What if we say there is another breed of magical liners? They are called vinyl liners; as we said, they are magic. Vinyl liners can cover everything, including the stairs, tanning ledge, benches, sundeck, etc. Nothing, especially something as innocent as a liner, should stop you from having the most seamless-looking pool.


Riddle us out; what feels good under the foot in a pool? Well, it’s the texture of the pool. Won’t you need something to provide you a grip underwater? While this might cost a few extra bucks, there is no harm in slip-proofing the pool. There are liners that provide grip in higher traffic areas, while some provide grip throughout the pool. With the advancement of technology, there are textures that make you feel like there’s sand beneath your pool.

While texture vinyl is a great thing to have, it is not a substitute for chemicals in your pool.  

We were not able to cover every point under the sun, but for sure have gathered the most common maintenance tips for you. Follow these tips and enjoy your next soak stress-free.

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