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5 Most Popular Garden Themes That Save You A Trip To Europe

Garden Themes
Giving your garden some style is necessary for it to look stunning all around the year. What helps you with that? A theme.
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Theme For Your Garden

Giving your garden some style is necessary for it to look stunning all around the year. What helps you with that? A Garden theme. Well, it might sound tedious but trust us, it is essential to make your garden stand out. 


In search of inspiration directly from Europe? Want to teleport there? Well, you won’t need any fancy high-tech machines for that. Just some gardening tools and a little bit of spirit. Yes, you heard that right. Create your own Europe with gravel pathways and with rosemary, thyme, and a wooden pergola for an enhanced atmosphere. You can also create a rustic kitchen to add a feel. 


Bring England in your backyard with a cottage theme. Have fun with flowers and colorful plants for an undeniably beautiful landscape. The cottage theme is by far one of the most popular for so many reasons. Gardens that are designed keeping in mind the cottage theme happens to be full of character. Vertical climbing plants, the bounty of flowers, and white picket fences all of this can make you stand right in the center of a country garden.


To all anime fans, what if we tell you, you can bring the beauty of Japan, right in front of you? Well, if you want to hear the truth, a true Japanese garden is not easy to maintain. However, you can still recreate it with large stones, mountainous rocks, and a premium water feature will go perfectly with it. A Japanese garden is known for its natural beauty. The closer you are to nature, the closer you are to building a Japanese garden.


Want a simplistic look? Well, with the world going crazy over minimalism, you can too. Joining the wagon with a simple, elegant, yet absolutely effective style. One of the best parts about having contemporary gardens is that you won’t need too much space. Contemporary gardens look absolutely cool in small spaces. The basic element for contemporary is raised flower beds, built-in planters, a beautiful pergola (if you want), and pathways. Contemporary gardens can also be the perfect escape from the humdrum of restaurants, as you can create an open kitchen here too.


Want to have the same discipline outdoors as you have indoors? Look no further than a formal garden. The secret sauce to ace this look is symmetry. Formal gardens are neat, tidy, and symmetrical. Like contemporary and cottage, they too consist of pathways. One thing you’d find common among all the formal gardens is a focus of attraction which, most of the time, is an outdoor fountain. However, a formal garden might require more than needed hard work, but it is all worth it in the end.

We were not able to cover every point under the sun, but for sure have gathered the most common maintenance tips for you. Follow these tips and enjoy your next soak stress-free.

This was a wrap from us. Hope you know everything there’s needed to be learned regarding a garden theme. If you need any swimming pools in Delhi, indoor/outdoor fountains in Delhi, or jacuzzis in Delhi, to make for a beautiful focus of attraction, connect with Green Evolutions.

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